Thursday, April 8, 2010

Patos Light

I took a trip out into the northern San Juan Islands over the last couple days, and saw some flowers that were pretty, and went ashore on Patos Island, to walk over to see the lighthouse. I'd never actually gone over to the lighthouse before, so it was pretty nice. High above me there was a Peregrine Falcon watching, and the lighthouse is closed for the winter (for tourists). Patos was Isla de Patos, or island of the ducks, named by the spanish explorers who came here a long time ago. In fact, George Vancouver sailed in on a mission to map the NW coast and met Quadra and Bodega (I don't know their first names) when they were also mapping the area. Consequently, the area has lots of English and Spanish names (like Whidbey, Vancouver, Bellingham, and Fidalgo, Eliza, Guemes, Gabriola). Bodega also had a bay named after him in California. And Quadra gets an island near Campbell River.
It got really rough out in the strait of Georgia, where the current and wind oppose each other, and I believe it was something like 40 knots of wind, so I'm not to happy to be reminded about how uncomfortable the boat is going to weather. I also have broken my new roller furler, but not badly.
So I'm hoping for calm seas before heading southbound, and I think I'll be selective of my weather windows.

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Kava said...

I miss those islands.