Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas from the Channel Islands

I've been working on another video, this one almost entirely filmed on Santa Cruz Island.  I hope you like it!  We've enjoyed the islands a lot and will be sorry to leave them, but in the new year we'll go on south.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Continued Lingering in SoCal

 We've graduated to the lower class of homelessness, that is, taking showers outside.  Specifically in the outside shower at UCSB.  They have a nice campus and lots of nice things, like outside showers near the dorms, so the students who go surfing or to the beach can wash the salt off.  Lindsay took a shower there for Thanksgiving, when no-one was around, and also she had clothes on (or a swimsuit).  I guess there are still steps we could take downwards. 
After Turkey Day, which we didn't get any turkey of the sea, we headed back out to Santa Cruz Island in order to avoid the wrath of a storm that lashed the area.  It blew winds from the south and we needed to find a coastline that faced some other direction.  We went looking on the north side of SC island and found some sweet caves.  There is the "Painted Cave" that we learned is 1200 ft long, going into the bowels of the island.  There isn't a good spot to anchor near that so we went a bit east and found a nice little cove with some small caves and a tasty sheepshead and some waterfalls.  It was a fun little trip.
Since coming back, we've been surfing some more.  The most notable news is that Lindsay is beginning to like it.  Before she was humoring me with her presence in the waves, paddling after some, catching a few, and for some reason, unable to stand up and get balanced.  Yesterday she stood up and came slicing along the line of the wave, and an irresistible grin began to spread across her face.  The hook was set.  Now she can be found catching tons of waves and standing up and carving across the faces of many.  One small step for woman, but a giant leap for the trip.  I was worried earlier that I would want to surf all the time and she would hate it.

 There was another sailboat there and they found a shell on the beach that was most interesting.  I think it is a Nautalis (however you spell it).