Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Table Reborn

 For the last few years I've been sailing around without a table.  I took it out in order to make the Starboard side bed larger, and its been just fine.  At sea, a table doesn't have much use, since you have to hold everything to keep it from sliding off.  But I am no longer at sea, so I want a table now.  I kept the original table that came with the boat and I found a good spot for it, finally.  Here's a picture of the boat inside the way I've been sailing around for the last while...
And here is the table!  I put it on hinges and set it up over the food storage, so the stove sits between two sets of counter top.  How nice!  The next thing is to set up a nice light over the table so I can use it for looking at charts and other navigational stuff.  I've got more LED strip lights coming in the mail, so it should be an easy thing to get to. 
My blue tote can almost open under the table, but since it hinges up really easily, I can stuff lots of things under.  One possible trouble spot is that the EPIRB is located behind the table's upright position, so if the table is up and locked, I can't get to the EPIRB as quick.  I'll probably move that soon. 
Next on the agenda is making some peanut butter and honey sandwiches on this magnificent flat surface.  Or reading a map.  Or setting a cup of hot chocolate down.  Ahhh.
Speaking of hot things, the wood stove is trying to wrestle my heart away from LaFawnda.  I do truly love the warm heat that comes off this little dragon.  I need a name for the stove, so if you can think of a good one, please email me or comment.  Something suitable for a small firebreathing thing.
And another shot of the table, with charts scattered around for good measure.  

 Also, I took a trip up into the mountains and took this shot...  There's snow up there, but spring is just around the corner!