Saturday, June 6, 2015

A brief Mexican Interlude

 I am in San Diego Airport, just fresh from Mexico again, with a slight sunburn on my back and lots of waves under my feet.  I love Mexico.  Altair is all right, though she wishes to go for a serious sail, and the water was 86 degrees, with wonderful warm air above it.  I saw a few kinds of birds, and tried to imitate them with my kites...  Here is a nice little swallow.. care to guess the species?

We surfed at El Faro, and this is a view from the air:
 And another of my favorite spots is Burros, as seen from a kite:
Ok, now I will get to surfing pictures.  There are a few surfers that I took some pictures of during the trip, some at El Faro:

 And some at Burros.  If you're in this picture and you like it, click on the picture to get to a bigger version, and then you can download it.