Monday, October 24, 2016

Partial Migration

 I've been working my way south now, from the boreal forests of Alaska, to the northwestern parts of the contiguous states, then down through oregon territory and into California.  Its like a sigh of relief when you get south of the mountains that border Oregon and California.  The rain goes away and is replaced with a warming sunshine.  I've been driving down and looking for hotsprings, and finding lots of water and autumn colors to take pictures of.  Golden trees in the fields of evergreen.  The maples are especially glamorous, with their big leaves.

I took a few pictures using a technique where you zoom in on the subject while you are taking the picture, and you get something like this:
 While walking along rivers and pathways looking for hotsprings, there are lots of cool mosses to see and the water is pretty as it winds its way down the hills.
 Here was a great golden evergreen-ish tree.  I cannot remember the name.  Can you figure it out?  It is a conifir but sheds leaves in the fall, and turns a bright yellow, and lives in medium elevations in Oregon.  At the end of a rainbow.
 Here's a picture of one of the hot springs, where people had built up the walls to make nice hot pools, this one is south of Mt Shasta a little bit, along a lonely river.  There was a french guy in the pool who was hot boiling eggs in them.  He said you just put them in overnight and then they get like "Flubber" and are very tasty.  There were some interesting people in the hotsprings, Many of them very nice and meditative.
The trip is now taking a turn for the coast, so I hope to do some more surfing soon.  I went surfing yesterday and hopefully again tomorrow and on down the coast.  The water is cold but getting warmer the further south I get.