Thursday, November 3, 2016

Return to Mexico and to Altair

 Its been a little while and a lot has happened...
First, I went through Moss Landing on my way south and saw a bunch of sleepy sea otters with their eyes covered up.  They put their hands up to cover their eyes and sleep.  how cute.   And some nice ice plants
 The big sur coast fairly flew by, with some whales , (possibly a blue whale) and some Elk!
 San simeon at sunset.  We camped in the end of a old road.
 Then we went to Jeremy's place in LA and out to the desert south of Joshua Tree.  This is the Painted Canyon, and the stars were bright and crisp.  I took some long exposure shots of the clouds sliding by.
 This one looks like mars!
 And then to the Salton Sea, to find the dead fishes washed up by the wind!  There is a huge line of dead fish all along the coast, probably killed by an algae bloom.
 I got to see my favorite bird, the black-necked stilt.  There were lots of birds all along the sea, wading and dabbling.
 There was also an Owl!  This one hunkered down by the road and looked around with those keen yellow eyes.  I like them a lot too.
 And some Quail with their bobbly feathers on their heads.
 We crossed the border and into Mexico and spent the first night in San Felipe on the beach.  This is a look at the milky way.  The stars were booming.
 In the morning the sunrise over the ocean was magnificent.

 A little further south there were some more cactus, some of them look like they are ready to join the Beatles.
 At Santa Rosalia, the sunrise was heartbreaking,
 And I took off on the ferry over to Guyamas to get to Altair.  I am on my beloved Altair again, after long journeys all over.  From the ferry there was a large group of Spinner Dolphins that played with us.  I also saw a marlin jumping and chasing something.  It was a nice trip.
Altair is going back in the water tomorrow and I'll be getting underway soon after that to head back to Baja and down eventually to Puerto Vallarta again.