Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Back On Water

I'm back in the water and floating. Its good to be a boat again. I took my dad over to fairhaven to where I moor the boat, and we made fabulous speed the whole way, so I am very excited about the bottom coating. Very fast. Lafawnda did wonderfully for the upwind run from the boatyard to Fairhaven, so I'm happy about that as well. I think she works better now that the bottom is cleaner, and the boat is faster. One point of trouble, my waterwheel speedometer is not working so hot now, I painted it a little bit and that slows it down, so its wrong by about 1/2 a knot or maybe more. Here are pictures of the sequence...
So now there the only things to do are to get food, fill up with water and diesel, and make sure I have everything packed tight.

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Rachel said...

Chris, you guys will be leaving soon! Awsome!! Those pics of the boat dangling in the air are gnarly. What if one of the straps slipped off... the boat would crash to the ground. Does that ever happen? See you in NorCal soon!