Sunday, May 2, 2010

Moved in

So I've moved back into the boat now, and life is again slowly rocking from side to side. The first night on the boat was pretty cold, but last night I really made a nest out of blankets and it was really nice. Dad and I are leaving tomorrow to head on to Victoria, and all systems are go, except for food. I'll get some food today and we're off. Yesterday I sailed over to the fuel dock to fill up the diesel tank, and I had been a little worried that I was running dry, since the last I filled it was in September, but when I sailed up to the dock (no motoring, of course) I found that after 2.6 gallons, no more would go in. So how's that for a winter gas cost? 2.6 gallons for sailing the boat around three times a week (or nearly so) for 6 months? I think my gas mileage was close to 150 mpg!


Anonymous said...

Have fun kiddo.

Stay safe.

No more police showing up at the door wondering if anybody knows your whereabouts.

Danny Blanchard said...

Hey Christian, best of luck (of course, luck is mostly self-made, and you've prepped a lot for this one) and secondly, favorable weather to ya! Photos go up on my blog today, so thanks for the kick - it was over due! Cheers,