Thursday, May 6, 2010

Neah Bay

I took some pictures on the trip out here... most of them are from before Victoria, but I didn't post them before. We left Victoria wednesday morning, heading westbound, and thinking that we would check in with US Customs in Neah Bay (foolishly) and after a little while were stopped and boarded by US Customs and border patrol! They snooped about and didn't find any contraband, so then left us in peace. After a while, when I was about 30 miles west of Port Angeles, we called up customs and discovered that they don't allow anybody to cross the border in Neah Bay, that in fact we would have to go back to Port Angeles! So after grinding my teeth a whole bunch I eventually turned us around to head back. We called again at about 5:30 to get them before they closed, and they said we were cleared, because of the earlier boarding, so we didn't need to come in. So we ended up sailing back 16 miles, and then having to go about 32 miles extra on that trip. And the Strait of Juan de Fuca is some of the worst water we'll pass over for the next while, as it is directly into the wind for us in there. Anyways, now we're here, we have only 5 miles left of upwind pounding before we can head on downwind and go. We'll leave tomorrow morning for the Pacific!

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