Monday, May 31, 2010

Point Conception

I think of Conception as the starting point, and it seems fitting. The start of Southern California, or the start of a nasty upwind slog to go north (if one were to do so foolish a thing as head north).
Anyways, it has been a worry for me, and that worry is past. I have passed the point.
In fact, I had almost no wind for the trip. I left Morro Bay at 5:30 and drove on southbound, and as the sun came up, the wind became nothing, until I was driving in super glassy water. It picked up to about 4 knots from the south as I rounded the point, but that is all the wind I had.
And I anchored out just east of Point Conception, at a surfing spot called "the Ranch", but didn't surf. Its hard to start surfing when you're alone. I did, however, go ashore and check out two boats that were aground... I also am pretty sure I saw a Blue Whale, just northwest of Conception. Something big breathed, and I looked up (I was reading) and saw a greyish blue back sticking out of the water, and slowly, oh so slowly, move on towards the tail, which it slipped under the water, never to come back. It was very big, but I can't be so sure as to how big because it was about 100 yards away.
Here are some pictures, the lighthouse at point conception, a boat going northbound, and Altair sitting at anchor out in Morro Bay.
Incidently, Morro bay is one of my favorite places now. I met a guy there, as I was paddling ashore, who took me in and fed me fish tacos and gave me a shower on his boat and then gave me a speargun! I now have to guns, one that I got in Costa Rica, and this one, which is a double rubber band one that is very powerful.
I haven't used it yet, though.

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