Sunday, May 16, 2010

We got into San Francisco finally! Here are some pictures from the trip, though it wasn't that nice. Mostly it was cloudy. There were lots of Dolphins on the trip down here, included in the video on the bottom.
From here, I'll say goodbye to my dad for a while, as he heads on back to Bellingham and I keep on going south. I figure I'll stay in the Bay area for a week until I go on, to visit and to rest for a little bit.
Oh, and I have had a giant triumph over Garmin, finally. I have previously paid good money for the maps on my GPS, and I'm really happy with the unit and the maps, but really unhappy about paying all the money for such small areas of maps. Anyways, I've since managed to download all the maps, and finally got them all unlocked and tried to transfer to the GPS, and Success!
Now I have the entire world on my computer and I can input it into my gps unit when I need to (the unit has only a small amount of memory).


Danny Blanchard said...

Hey Christian, congrats on sliding under the bridge on YOUR boat - my jealousy is significant! There are two shot I love from the previous posting: the motion blurred furler shot (AWESOME!), and that epic sunset shot right below it. Wow. I have a shot similar to it taken in Alaska, but when you know it's coming from the deck of a salty Ericson 27, it's just better. : ) Yesterday I put the sealer coatings on the faired steel hull plates, and now I'm begining to prep for the interior painting. Launch next Tuesday, without pilothouse I think, as weather and time are tight. It'll have to wait until the fall, or maybe January-March of next year. I'll be buying the tickets to come down in mid June, but we'll chat before then and nail down specifics (like, say, where I'm flying to, and if I need a passport for said destination. : )

Fair weather and safe sailing,


Claire said...

I'm glad you made it safely! What a cool way to visit San Francisco!