Tuesday, May 4, 2010


We made it to Victoria today, and so far so good. Lafawnda is holding her own as a key member of our crew and despite the wind being against us, we made quite good time.
So we left at 5:01 pm (PDT) from Bellingham, then sailed out past Eliza Island and around Lummi Island to head west to Sucia island. We set anchor at 9:31 on Sucia island, about 27 miles later. So 27 miles in 3.5 hours. A good start. Then we got up this morning and set sail at 6:41, to get into Victoria around 2. I think that was about 35 miles or so, and then picked up Abe and Katrina and sailed around a bit outside of Victoria. We set anchor out next to this island called Discovery island and then I caught 5 fish, and we ate one. Yum.
These are pictures Abe took on his camera, because I forgot mine on the boat. I'll get some and post them later. Probably in Neah Bay. So we're at Abe's house right now and the boat is in Oak Bay. Departing tomorrow. More updates as they come, but right now, the weather looks good for heading out the strait, and decent for heading down the coast.

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mlloyd said...

If you time it right, you'll be pulling into Grays Harbor Friday May 14th and be able to see me surf in the clean water classic on saturday the 15th!