Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring at last!

I think today proved that spring is really here. It was nice and sunny, and that warm northerly breeze started up, the one that blows only in the summer here. I'm excited. I also took my car out for a drive over the weekend (and got a speeding ticket, my first one ever!) And here it is! My new ride, well, new to me, and new to me about two months ago... Anyways, its a nice little honda civic again, like the Smurf Rocket, but slightly newer. I'll get more glamor shots later. Maybe I'll do some road trips in it some day.
So I drove down to Samish Island, and took the shot of Bellingham bay from the way south (can you tell which one it is?).
I've also been doing some work on the boat, of course. I just sewed myself another reef point in my main sail, and it wasn't that hard to do. It took me about 3 hours to sew it up, and then I went to this sail shop (Skookum sails) and they put grommets in, for a total of 12 bucks! This is the cheapest big fix I've done thus far, I think.
And I've put in my swim step ladder, on the side. It works out well I think, but I'll have to be careful if I run into anything, or it might get torn off as I scrape by things. But it will help a lot in getting into the boat from over the side, and if I take other people out with a skiff, its really useful for getting back on board.
The Zodiac (tall ship based in Bellingham) is out sailing again as well.
I've got a list that is getting smaller by the day, and soon I'll clean off the bottom and then I'll be off!

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How's the speedy stitcher?