Monday, April 19, 2010

More sail work

I made a spare mainsail, in case I ever destroy my normal one. Its really small, but hopefully will do the trick to get me into port somewhere. I sewed the edges with my mother's Viking machine, and I'm really impressed with the job it did. Also, I'm trying to make a new dodger, but I keep ending up fixing the old one and putting it back on, because it fits right. Its really hard to make the new one fit just right. (Picture is of the new one) The old one works, but its old, and not as nice looking, and has some holes in it. Oh well. The Zodiac is out sailing a lot, which is nice, I like watching that boat sail. Its really sailing season here now. Yesterday (sunday) there were 30 or more sailboats out on the water just playing around. I didn't go sailing, but worked on sewing instead, and I'll go another time. In fact, once I put on my main with the new reef point, I had to try it out, so I took the boat out for a couple hours, and then tried to Heave To. (see video)
I think I'll try to make a Sea Anchor as well, just to have something that will help steer the boat while Hove To. The way that works is that you tie to the anchor at two points on the boat; front and back, and you use the two cranking points to adjust the angle relative to the waves. If the two lines are the same length, then the boat is sideways to the seas, so you adjust it to be about 45 degrees off, and then try and stay in the slick you generate. In the books that you can read about old-time small boat crossings, they would use oil or kerosene to create a slick upwind of them, and it would help keep the waves from breaking over the boat and being damaging.

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