Saturday, April 10, 2010


I did some engine work!
I replaced my Freeze Plugs, one of which was leaking, and I cleaned up the engine as best I could, trying to get all the corrosion off. I also changed the oil, the oil filter, the fuel filter, and replaced the stuffing box (which lets the propeller turn, but keeps the water out). I did tons of stuff, and I'm very proud. Now the engine only has an exhaust leak, which is not an easy fix, but I think I'll manage sometime, and it will make it quieter, and there is a super slight water leak in the thermostat.
I changed the engine zinc, which keeps the corrosion out (supposedly), but since its a tiny zinc, I added another one on the top of the engine. To do all this, I had to lift the engine up out of its mounting place, and put it in the middle of the boat. Only then did I have access to the propeller shaft, so I could replace the stuffing box. I did it while it was in the water, which means water is pouring in trying to sink the boat. But I was quick, and now its done.
The engine sounds pretty good, and I have plenty of power and almost no water in the bilge, so I'm pretty happy with it all. I think I spent about 60 bucks on the whole shebang. These pictures are of before, during, and after the freeze plug surgery. I've also taken some movies, I'll post them too.

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