Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sailing with Alan

I took my friend Alan out for a trip this weekend, out to Lummi Island for a night. We saw some eagles trying to pick up a dead bird off the water, I think it might have been a Western Grebe, and cooked a nice meal on shore in the evening as well. It picked up in the night and was blowing pretty darn good Sunday, so we crossed Bellingham Bay with a reefed main and small jib, and dropped down to just a small jib for a little while of it. After poking around in Chuckanut bay for a little while, I finally went ashore at Chuckanut island, which I've seen all my life and never gone to. It has a nice shell beach, so I got my camera out and took some shots of my NuCanoe.
We put up the Genoa for a downwind run from Chuckanut Bay to Fairhaven, and ended up hitting 8.8 knots going down a wave, my speed record for the last couple months. We were pretty overpowered, so I rolled up the jib after that and we went on with the smaller jib. It was a nice little trip. Also, the wind vane performed wonderfully, and I am really pleased with how its working. Alan named the vane "La'fawnduh" so I guess that's what I'll call (her) now.


Kava said...

Amazing eagle head ripping offing shot.

Anonymous said...

God.. what a fatty.

Glad the eagle shots turned out so well.