Saturday, March 13, 2010

Longer days

Daylight Savings time is starting tomorrow, and I'm excited about the fact that the days are getting longer and longer. Here are some shots of sunset a couple days ago.
Pertaining to the boat:
I am right now making a second dodger, which will replace the first at some point, probably when the first one dies. The first one also doesn't quite fit as perfectly as I would like, so thats another reason to make this new one. I'm waiting on my gps card reader to get here, then I'll see if I've solved the problem of connecting to the gps. Basically I'm going to take the card out, connect to it, and load all the maps I need on there, and then put the card back in.
In a couple weeks I'll be taking the boat out for a trip around here, to test out my self steering systems over longer distances. I'm not as happy with the wind vane as I would like to be, but it does a decent job, I just need to be able to set it better.
I'm also going to make a system where I can use my autopilot to connect to the wind vane and then it will be much stronger. And I need to try that out in waves, because I will run into waves for sure later on.

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