Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Its on

So I just heard from the cruise boat company, and I didn't get the job.... Which means that I am going to be taking my boat (Altair) down the coast! I'll be heading out from Bellingham early May, and working my way down the coast to LA, and possibly into Baja somewhere. Who knows how fast I'll be going, so I may get further than that. So! All who are in the area that I'll be going past be alerted! You should find some time to come out sailing with me!
Today I also re-installed the roller furler on the bowsprit, and finished the foot pump installation for fresh water, so now I have fresh water pumped with my feet. The pump is the little black round thing on the floor in front of the cabinet. You can see my sink barely above, with the spigots for salt water (in copper) and fresh water (in black and silver) up on top.
I also put in another "down" stay on the bowsprit, so its super tough now. I've broken it off twice before, and I don't intend to do it again, especially not out in the pacific somewhere.
I'll figure out more of a plan in a little bit and let you know when I'll be where (approximately). But I am coming!
Also to come is engine work, I'll have to do that soon, and I will have to haul the boat out or beach her to redo the engine shaft seal (which has been leaking) and to put some new bottom paint on. (all this I should have done when I was hauled out in Juneau, I know) I am also working on making a new Dodger and a new ultra-small storm sail. When I do this work, I'll be sure to post pictures.

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mlloyd said...

bummer about the job, they are hard to come by now days. I've applied for a few summer outdoor schools and have nothing yet! Which will make it harder for me to be able to plan for the summer, not knowing how I'll pay my rent. But, I'll keep a sailing trip in mind =)