Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bullet Bit

And what a bad taste it is. I gave away the hard earned greenbacks for both my Nucanoe and then, gasp.... for some maps on my GPS. Good old Garmin. Gretta just grabs the bucks from my pocket. So, for the coast of Washington, Oregon and California and most of Mexico, I have dropped something like 250 bucks.
And now its on my little gps unit that I will bring out to the boat and hopefully it will guide me to a wonderful time down the coast. Here we go!
Some pictures of the boat with Nucanoe attached...


Claire said...

Congrats on Nucanoe! When are you leaving?

Anonymous said...


When Capt Cook referred to his chronometer he called it:

“… our faithful guide through all the vicissitudes of climates.”