Saturday, April 2, 2011

The last sail...

Altair just did her last sailing for about 6 months. I will put her up in "summer camp" in San Blas for this coming summer (and hurricane season) and leave her to the elements. Then I will fly back to the USA for a little bit while I get ready to go to China!
But here is a little report about the trip with Abe and Katrina. We just got back from Isla Isabella, where I took my Dad when he was down here (so it seems to be a family destination). It is a great place to get bird poop all over your shoes, and there are lots LOTS of birds out there to poop on you. The water was pretty clear, so I was able to go spearfishing every day out there. And I caught a lot of fish! I got two big Amberjacks, a Leopard Grouper, and on the last day, I caught the prize, a Yellowtail. I haven't ever shot a Yellowtail before, so I was very excited to get one. And he was very pretty. Most of the times I got fish, I went around to the other boats and gave them pieces, so I made a lot of friends too!


Danny Blanchard said...

Gosh - your fish just keep getting bigger! Nice color, and I hope that the pelican veal tasted good! : )

Rachel said...

Wow! Christian, I can't believe you are leaving your boat down there... alone... without you. Beautiful pictures, I love the orange molten lava (water) picture looks like there are many gorgeous sunsets down there. If you find yourself up in the Bay area during your brief stay in the U.S. you had better come and visit me. When are you heading to China? And how come you didn't post any pic's of Abe and Katerina holding up big fish...?

Love ya little bro,