Wednesday, April 6, 2011

River trip

There is a nice estuary that I have been anchored in (until today) and one of the other boats out there (Lady Lexi) came over and offered to drive me up the river to see what we could see. So I brought my camera, and we saw a few neat things, including nesting Great Blue Herons and a Crested Caracara. There aren't too many of the Caracaras so that was a neat one to see. I also went surfing at the mouth of the estuary, and I think I'll go again, because it was lots of fun. But its a long walk. There is a lot of bird life (and insect life) around here. I am really beginning to like San Blas.

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Anonymous said...

Nice photo of the caracara. I wish I had gotten a better glimpse of one of them.