Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More pictures from the trip with Abe and Katrina

Here are a few more pictures from the end of the trip. Those of you that have met Katrina might not know this, but she is actually from the future. She was sent back in time to help. She is, in fact a Terminator.
Abe, on the other hand, like any good ethnobotanist, keeps his eye firmly fixed in the present, looking at the ground in search of life.
We were on this beach that extends for 80 miles or more, and there is no people on it. The reason that nobody is there is that the beach is surrounded by an elite security force of Delta Mosquitoes. They may be small, but they aren't to be trifled with. But, with our resident (and friendly) Terminator, we were able to negotiate passage through the militant insects.
We were on a bird watching tour, in search of a turkey relative that I couldn't get a good picture of. But I did get Woody the Woodpecker to stand still enough. The sunset light painted him up nicely too. But the security forces were closing in on us, and our visa to Lonely Beach Paradise was fast running out. We then scampered through the underbrush back to the boat, and here is a picture of her last days in the water.
Since that picture, I have taken all the sails off and will strip her even more, taking all the lines and cloth parts, so that she will suffer the least from the sun. I also took the poor flags down (finally).
So the trip with Abe and Katerminator was a success. They fly out tomorrow from Mexico City.

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Katrina said...

Christian, I agree, it was such a success - thanks again for having us along! I'm glad to hear you've been continuing to enjoy the bird life in San Blas. I really liked that place too, except for the bugs. I suppose I did help you guys by taking the majority of the bites.
Hope all goes well with taking Altair out of the water. We finally made it back to Seattle for the weekend, and had a nice trip inland. Especially an interesting day in Tequila.
p.s. While in Mexico City the other night a mariachi offered to sing us "Cucurucucu Paloma" and we would have taken him up on it if you were there too.