Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Summer Camp

Altair is "up on her legs" for the summer now. I am taking everything down and tomorrow I will fly back to the USA again. In preparation for my return, I charged up my cell phone, and over the last couple days I've been sad to see that I can't turn it on. But then yesterday I saw the power button is on the top of it, and I realized that I had forgotten how to turn it on! I wonder if I will remember how to use it. This last week in San Blas has been nice, and I spent a lot of time with a couple off a boat called Kasasa, who are very generous with their apple juice. They just left this morning, and I "helped" push them off. Well, I didn't do anything, actually. But watching them go is bringing that spirit back into me where I want to get moving some more. So I am eager about getting out of here and on the plane.
But at the same time, there is a part of me that is going to really miss Altair. I've been living aboard for a year now, and have spent nearly every night in her bosom. To go somewhere else will be very strange.


Danny Blanchard said...

There is something slightly odd in that stern shot - a weird focal something or another that at first had me thinking it was shot on a perspective control (PC) or tilt-shift lens...but no? Anywho, nice to know she'll be safe and dry while you're away! See ya soon!

mlloyd said...

will you be swinging through Olympia before you depart? Perhaps we could catch some cold surf? Be sure to use that cell phone of yours to let me know.