Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Home is where the heart is. Home beckons you towards the warmth of the fire. Home is where you can always return to, no matter where you roam. I'm at home now. In a house with friends. But soon, I will leave. Soon, home will be the highway.
I am officially leaving Boeing on October 16th. I am also leaving Altair, my faithful deck beneath my feet for the last few months, my biggest supporter. Life on Water is nearing the end. I turn towards the land, with my faithful "Smurf Rocket" I'll be traveling across the USA, then back.
I haven't had much time to take pictures, but here are a few, playing with my new flash, and some from a hike up in the hills around Seattle.


Matt said...

Be sure to keep posting and taking pictures. I want to see a beard down to your chin!

Aimee said...

If when you reach Florida and need a couch to crash on, I may know of a couple. Goodluck on your adventure!