Saturday, October 18, 2008

In Syracuse

I made it to Syracuse last night, and am staying with Julie Pautsch, a friend from Seattle, who's in Law school here. I expect to make it to Rhode Island today, and I'll stay there over the weekend, then head to Pennsylvania on monday and to NYC on tuesday or wednesday or something.
I've spent some money on the smurf rocket, I gave her (or him, smurfs are hard to tell) a new front wheel bearing, and the grinding noises (the pleas for help) have gone away. Also my gas milage is much improved, from 32 to 40 mpg, since I've been driving 70 or so instead of 90. Its a huge difference in road noise too.

Actually, I didn't finish the last post, so now I'm in Providence Rhode Island, and I'm staying with Lyra and Andrew, (Lyra a friend from high school) and it is very nice here. I like to be able to see the ocean again, and to smell the salt air a little.

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