Monday, October 20, 2008

Rhode Island....(still)

I went down to Newport today, and saw a number of things that were really cool. I saw America3, the America's cup contender from a while ago, and a bunch of boats out in the harbor and walked around a marina, and then went to the coast to check out the surf. Which, it just so happened, was very nice. So I put on my suit and went in, and it was lovely. The air is rather cold now, but the water temperature was around 60, so it was really nice. Warmer than the air, in fact. I could have stayed in for a long time, with my 4:3 suit on. I caught some nice rides, and got my head into a barrel, but the rest of me wouldn't fit, (small barrel) and had a great time playing around in the water. Tomorrow I'll go to Cape Cod, and then wednesday I'll head to Pennsylvania.

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