Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Regionals, and after...

I've been hard pressed to find internet most places, and I've been busy with driving, so i haven't written anything in a while, but here's the scoop:
At Regionals, we ended up placing 3rd, so we're going to Nationals, in Sarasota Florida. I left Corvallis, Oregon sunday evening after the games and visited Jed in Newport, on the coast, and then left his house monday morning and headed east. What a trip that has been. I've pretty much driven all day long the last three days. Monday I made it to Bozeman, then had to get a hotel room for the night, because there was a lot of snow on the ground, so I didn't want to camp. Tuesday night I made it to Minneapolis, where Laura Felice's parents were kind enough to let me stay the night, and today I made it to Madison, where I'm at Karl Stuen's house right now.
Tomorrow I'll drive some more, and figure out a place to stay, before getting to Niagra Falls on friday, and Syracuse. I'll then go on to Rhode Island on saturday.
The smurf rocket (my faithful car) is holding up all right, but there are some noises that I am a little worried about, one is a rubbing noise that seems to be coming from the front driver's side wheel. The noise of the car is too much for me, and whenever I stop, my ears ring for a while, and the silence presses in on my skull. The seat is not comfortable, but I can manage.
I've found out that the smurf can fly at 104 miles per hour, and I've been doing a large amount of 90 mph driving without too much trouble, except that my gas milage is about 33 at that speed.

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