Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back in Seattle, done sailing (for now)

I made it back to Seattle, and I'm done with any big sailing trips for now. I'll be in town for two weeks, then drive down to play Regionals (frisbee) in Corvallis, Oregon, and then continue on on a road trip across the country. The world is still my Oyster, and I'm going to explore as much of it as I can. On my way back to Seattle, from Bellingham, I almost got run over by a cargo ship, a submarine, and I stopped at Smith Island for the night and had a great time there. I also saw a Minke Whale.
One of the adventures I had on Smith island is kind of Indiana Jones-eske... I anchored and paddled up to the cliff edge, and walked over to where the house in the picture is closest to the edge, and there is an old foundation that was another house, that fell off the cliff a long time ago, as the cliff has been progressing backwards. I saw it and took a picture of the foundation a long time ago, maybe you will see it in an earlier post...
Anyways, that old place was a power station, I think, because I found some old rusted generator motors in the sand on the beach, and I walked up to the edge of the cliff and two old (OLD) and corroded blue copper wires hung down the cliff. Like vines in the jungle! I grasped my hands around the wires and it felt like home. Up, up, up the sand cliff, my feet kicking clods and castles down the face of the sheer drop, my camera on my back and my kukri in my pocket. Up I go! I made it to the top, and with a bit of scramble, I was there!

So now, I am getting my stuff together, moving out of my room in the house I'm renting, and packing for a road trip and travels. If you think of any good places to go, let me know.

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