Thursday, April 17, 2008

There comes a time in a young man's life when he must grasp destiny by both hands and shake. To test the path that has been laid down by his father and to strike out on his own. That time is now.
A planned future, though safe, cannot sustain a man; his courage, perseverance and strength require uncertianty and obstacle to prove their worth.
Friendships, though some of the most precious assets avaliable, also must be traded for adventure and lonliness, when it helps to build character.
I am seeking to strengthen my foundation, to make my roots secure and strong, before I continue further on Life's winding road. I believe this is something all should attend to, now and again. Tend to your foundations to insure you have the strength and will to live your dreams.

Here is my "before" picture... We'll see what I look like when I come back.

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mlloyd said...

You do look a little crazed or scared in this "before" picture. We'll see if you look more relaxed and sane in the "after" picture!