Monday, April 14, 2008

One more week. And I'm scared

Reality takes a while to set in sometimes. I have a pretty thick head, so it takes a long time for it to hit me. But this time next week I'll be heading out, starting the journey. I have three more days of work, then 3 days to prepare. What have I forgotten? What will I be leaving behind?
The cold hands of scrooge are grasping around my heart, and I'm starting to worry about not having enough money. My dreamy eyes are starting to see the problems with Altair, how she might be too small, the running rigging needs to be replaced, the traveler is broken, the holding tank should be plumbed differently... The list goes on. But all these things are just excuses for the fear of change inside me. Fear of letting go of the warm life I've been living. Fear of going my own path.

I guess thats one of my reasons for going though. To specifically go my own way.

On a side note, I was up in Nanaimo last weekend, playing at a tournament, and I got a glimpse
of what it will look like up north of the border... (see picture)

More on the plan.

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jules said...

sounds great so far! i hope you keep the itinerary updated... i like them for some reason.