Friday, April 4, 2008

The Plan...Sort of.

Everyone has been asking me, "So, what's the plan?"
And unfortunately, I don't have a very good plan. Like everything in the world, there is a lot of uncertainty in wandering. The only thing usually that holds true, or is planned, is the outset. So here it is: I'm going to go down to the boat on Tuesday, April 22, bound for Victoria, and then to Bellingham.
Once in Bellingham, (where I hope to be by the 25th of April), things get less certain. If Abe has some time, I'm going to try to head out to Victoria again, or to Nanaimo, to pick him up and head up to Kingcome Inlet. He has to be there May 1st, so it might be difficult to make it that far, but we'll have to see. If that all goes to plan, then I will make another choice. I can go down the west side of Vancover Island, which would test my abilities, or I can come back down the inside passage. This is something I will have to decide based on the weather and my confidence in the boat and my skill.
Of course, there is a lot that can happen on this plan. I might not be able to make it to Victoria quickly, or I might find out that I can't handle the weather out on the Strait of Juan De Fuca.
Should that happen, and I find that I don't have the right boat for this kind of trip, and I can't single-hand it, then it will be time for me to buy a plane ticket, say adios to this hemisphere for the first time, and head down to the New Zealand.
I've never seen the Southern Cross... Did you know that Alpha Centauri, the closest star to earth, is only visible from the southern hemisphere? Apparently it could have planets, too...

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Clare said...

Well at least you have a solid plan B, if not a solid plan A. Anyways, the best adventures are rarely planned. I'm so excited for you! I want postcards. =)