Saturday, June 4, 2016

Birthday week

 I had a nice birthday.  We went to Glacier Bay and everyone on board wished me a happy birthday.  Also we saw a few things this week that were very nice.  I saw 11 bears this week, a few Northern Pintails (the real ones, not decoys) and two wolves.  Wolves!  Here is a picture of the first bears.  There was a cute little cub (3 cubs with this mama) that crawled over a log and nearly fell down.
Then there were the pinails.  I kayaked out in the Magouns and the ducks were dabbling around in the shallows.  We had to fight a bit of a headwind going up and saw the ducks and then came back with the wind and I flew the kite from the kayak.  It was nice.  After that, the whales came out and lunged and ate happily around us while we watched with a nice sunset.

 Then the next morning there was another mama with cubs.  I got to go paddle over to them right off and they were quite nice to us, chomping on the grass gently.
 Then we drove the skiffs during lunchtime to go over to our afternoon spot.
 and my fellow crewmembers and I had a nice time of it.
Then it was my birthday.  We went into Glacier Bay for the day and got a chance to see wolves!

The next day we went to the Inian islands, one of my favorite places and I got a few pictures of some cool things.  A sea lion on a rock...

 A sea otter in the water...
 And an Eagle eating an Octopus...!
 And a  harbor seal that was super new-born. Look closely at the photo and find the baby's umbilical cord!
 Then we saw Orcas.

 A fantastic week.

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