Saturday, May 28, 2016

The first sitka

 They really brushed the dust off the town this time around.  I was quite surprised when I was walking around town as to how nice it is.  Maybe the fishing season hasn't started yet to dirty the streets.  Another nice week.  We started with a big full moon rising over the hills as we left the dock and had something like 10 bears during the trip.  Also a moose!  I've only seen three moose in all my time up here so it is a great treat.  Lots of pretty birds, but not a lot of puffins yet and our one day in Glacier Bay is kind of a drag.  Also, it is kind of nice to have a day where we don't have to figure out going on trips and getting back.  This coming week we will go to the Inian islands and I love it out there.
We also had lightning last night.  I think this was the first time I'd seen lightning in Alaska.  And orcas.  How I love the orcas.

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Celie Thomas said...

That's a great mountain goat picture!