Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Return to AK

I'm back in Alaska again, after long absence.  The first bit of work has been nice, and in a few days we will get the whole shebang of people, but for now we've been having half full or empty boats to work with.  It is nice to meet and get to know the crew without a lot of fuss and frustration of having a lot of guests, and we've really had a great time learing how this boat works, because it is different every time.  On our way north, I got this shot of some current lines in the San Juan Islands, and then a big coast guard chopper was doing rescue practice right off the stern of our boat in Juneau.  They are awesome looking when they fly low and drop the swimmer and then pick up the people.  I also got a nice shot of a long tailed duck!  Things are different this year, South Sawyer was pumping out so much ice that we couldn't make it up to the end of Tracy Arm, and Baird Glacier is very different.  Since there wasn't much snow over the wintertime all the mountains are different looking and it is not that cold out.  I haven't seen Glacier Bay yet, but Baird is so different, I wonder how Lamplugh Glacier is going to look.  I can imagine it to be totally drawn away from the water.  Seeing the glaciers change so much is really amazing to me, and it seems like Tracy Arm is going to be heading for a big change in the near future, at the rate it is spitting out ice.

 One of my fellow crewmembers.  Everyone is super nice and I like how we run the boat.

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