Sunday, June 5, 2016


My friend Danny invented the sport of Kite Tubing, a sport similar to Kiteboarding but a little slower, and I was involved in the first edition.  It is quite simple (and it might have been done before):  Step one:  Find an inner tube to float on.  Step two: fly a kite and pull yourself around.  Its a lot like sailing on a boat with no control.  I think it might be a nerd/hick cooperative activity, because it takes a nerd to get the kite and a hick to get the inner tube.  In this case, Danny provided both.  Of course, I flew a camera to see how it looks from above.  The other photos were taken by Danny on his phone.
 We floated across Greenlake three times and it was a blast.  I recommend this to anyone, but the trouble is, you need a good way of launching the kite without getting it all wet.  Probably the best way is to have a fishing pole.

 This last shot is over the eastern shore of Greenlake and it is nice to see how the path works around the lake.  I maxxed out the spool of line we had and I would have liked to go farther, but there are helicopters and planes that fly through the area sometimes and I didn't want to cause any trouble.

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