Friday, June 10, 2016

Fishing with Dad

 I went up to Bellingham and went fishing with my dad.  We drove up to a place in BC, near Camloops, to fish out on a lake for trout.  Before we left, however, there was a nice little hummingbird sitting on a nest at my dad's place.  Lovely little feller.
So my dad is a great fisherman, he can catch fish if they are to be caught.  He caught the first and many more fish than I got, but I might have got the largest....!
We fished using flies, and in a way that I hadn't tried before, where the flies are very far down in the water and the fish cruise by and pick them off.
 Landing a nice fish.
 We weren't the only one out there fishing.  In addition to a few other humans, there was a nice and friendly Common Loon.  Since we were in Canada, the mascot of the $1 coin was watching over us I guess.  He came over to look as we caught fish and was expecting a meal out of it, I guess.  We waited until he left to release the fishes.

I went for a few walks around the lake and the surrounding lakes and there were tons and tons of birds.  Goldeneyes with all their ducks in a row...
 The tiniest baby Dark Eyed Juncos in the nest...
 A Tiger Lily... (not a bird)
 A Western Tanager!
 And Ruddy Ducks!   These were great and they held their tails so high and had such bright blue bills.  I like them.
 I'd never met a Mountain Blue Bird before...
 And the Damsel flies were making hearts!
 I also hadn't seen this Yellow Headed Blackbird.  Sort of self-explanitory
 And I saw a pair of Cinnamon Teals!  They swam near me and they are the cutest little duck, about half as big as a mallard.
 It was a nice trip.  I'd like to go back and focus only on birding, and camp out in many more places, maybe do a road trip all the way up to Prince George or to Terrace, where a friend of mine lives...

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