Monday, October 27, 2014

Santa Cruz

We've started on again, to the southwaters.  Yesterday was a nasty day for both Lindsay and I and we threw up numerous times each, and now are taking a day to rest here in Santa Cruz.  I've forgotten to put up some pictures from the last few weeks up, but here they are!
 While we were in San Francisco, we went over to visit the old tall ships that populate the waterfront, and there is one, Belaclutha, that we got an exclusive tour of, because Lindsay knows people who know people.  It is a steel and iron boat, with wood decks and pretty, but in a big way. 

 Then we walked to the Cathedral and there was this metal print that I liked...
 And along the waterfront to look for birds.  I took some shots of this Herring Gull, up close and personal for ID purposes.
 He's got a funny looking knee joint too!
 And a Long Billed Curlew (I am pretty sure)
 An Invasive...
 Lindsay got comfortable sailing the boat...
 Out the Golden Gate bridge!

 We went to Half Moon Bay and got a look at Mavericks, but it wasn't breaking really, so we looked at the low tide shore.

 And then after a day of dismal sailing, got to Santa Cruz.
 We'll leave tomorrow and work our way down to San Simeon and to Morro Bay, I'll keep pressing the SPOT button which links to this page:

I'm going to try to make that page be a constant link somewhere, but thus far I cannot figure it out.  If you know how, let me know please!

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