Sunday, October 12, 2014


 I have Neices and Nephews!  So here in the Bay Area, I've been visiting with my relatives, my sister's family.  She (and Sam) have produced two beautiful children together, and I've got my camera out for a bit of a photo shoot here and there.  Henry is growing up like a bristle cone pine, and Nora has the most liquid of eyes, pouring forth on occasion and smiling rainbows afterwards.

 We also got to go sailing, and everyone was quite happy, without getting sick or falling off.  Precautions were taken, of course, but we had a nice time out on the water.  We also saw the parade of ships for "fleet week" and saw some of the air show.  The Blue Angels were performing also (more on that later).

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mlloyd said...

Beautiful pictures of those darling kiddos! What kind of filter do you have on for Hen and Nora's eyes to be so BLUE! I'm glad you got some rainbows from Nora, she takes a little time to warm up to the Uncles.