Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Big Sur

 We made it to Morro Bay, and are anxiously watffching the weather for Point Conception, where we shall round (hopefully) soon and then be in the Channel Islands.  The last few days have been quite difficult, with lots of swell and big seas from San Francisco all through Santa Cruz and to Point Sur.  Our plan from Santa Cruz was to go through the night and get to San Simeon by the next day, but as evenening darkened, the waves built up and the winds were significant enough to make them break.  Big piles of white foam bashed against the sides like soft (but strong) hammers, and Lindsay wasn't feeling well.  I sent her down below (perhaps roughly) and told her to try to sleep, but she could not, and the bashing and turning ocean that threw our little craft about caused much consternation in her.  After a few hours she poked her head up and with a very significant look, told me that she was ready to go swim for the shore.  We were a few miles of cold water away from the shore but I knew she was serious, so we made for the nearest point of refuge, Carmel-by-the-Sea.  I'd never been there, and wasn't too keen on going in during the dead of night, but there we went.  We made it past some rocks and I am very glad to have such great working instruments as I have, including the new Depth Sounder (thanks Danny!) and we dropped the anchor at about 10.  Then we slept until 3:30 am to get underway again to go for San Simeon by dusk.  Making all speed as we could we drove the entire next day because the wind refused to blow hard enough to help us out, and we got in just after sunset.  We saw some Common Dolphins, Sea Otters and a few Sea Lions, but it was mostly a clear day watching the coast slowly slide past.

Same with today, not a lot of wind and here we are.  Tomorrow I hope will be the same and through friday, bringing us around the corner. 

I got a few pictures of things now that it is drying out a little bit, and here is the SPOT, so you can check in on our Progress.  Still working on the permanent link, but for now you have to look in the past to find it...

 Here's a shot of Lindsay when she was fooled into thinking that she likes sailing.  She hasn't abandoned ship yet, but there are some dark memories growing.  I hope Southern California cleans her of those. 

The trusty Senator, though he hasn't reeled in a prize lately. 
 do you know this bug?  I found it on my boat!


Liza said...

woo hoo, just read both of y'alls blogs, looks beautiful and I hope that the seasickness magically disappears soon. Enjoy Channel Islands, look out for the teeny island foxes!


james said...

What's your YouTube channel?