Monday, October 13, 2014

Cyclocross racing

There was some heated racing going on in Fairfax this weekend.  Sam, Henry and Rachel all raced their bicycles in the dry dusty soils and cements of White Hill School.  I ran around with my camera and took some pictures. 

 First off was Sam's Race.  He took off with a gusto and was going great until a crash and finished the hour long race in the heat with honor, despite a large gash in his leg. 

 Here he is speeding around a corner like a green speed demon...

 And blitzing through the finish at close to the mach barrier....
 Next up was Henry and his friend Luca.  They took off for the prize of Root Beer Floats and gave it all they could. 
 Rachel was up last and she blazed red in the heat of the day (with a red jersey, of course).  She had a fairly simple racing strategy, get in front on the first corner and then ignore everyone else after that.  I tried to get in her way a few times with my camera but she wouldn't have any of that. 
So she won the race, but not without some trouble.  On the last lap she was cruising along with a nice comfortable lead when her front tire went flat and much to her discomfort, the second place rider (World famous Katarina Nash) appeared right at her rear tire when the front tire was ready again.  It was a contest for a bit, with Rachel emerging victorious. 

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