Thursday, July 26, 2012

North Shore

I've been working my way around the north shore of Kauai, and I like it.  It rains every day, but that isn't much trouble, you just close up the hatches and wait for it to stop.  There are a lot of rivers that run down a steep slope and I've walked up two of them, to nice waterfalls.  There are a few lava tubes as well, I have been staying near a beach called "tunnels" the last few nights and it has a big tube that ends in the beach.  I ventured down a little bit of the Na Pali coast, which is the un-roaded part of this island, a "lost" coast...  But I found it all right, and there are lots of people that hike the trails, so it has been found many times over.  On the way i saw this "new" bird.
 Here's a shot from the beach in the middle of the Na Pali coast, where the winds run strong and full of thunder. 
 These waterfalls are neat, but sometimes they aren't the high point of the hike.  I like walking up the river, feeling the rocks slide underfoot and looking for crawdads.  It is nice to get into fresh water also.  This waterfall had a great big pool at its base, so I got to swim in that. 

 I stayed the night out on the roadstead anchorage next to this beach, and it wasn't too bad, but still windy and the waves rolled the boat nicely.  There are beautiful sunsets that will make you believe out here.  They come right at the end of the day, so you have to wait for them. 


Anonymous said...

You've disabled the satellite tracking device we use to spy on you.

How are we going to know where you are without it?


Julia Copeland said...

Christian these pictures look so nice in Kauai! How beautiful!! I love the one that looks like you took it from a creek, looking toward a waterfall. It reminds me of upstate NY :) That's a nice pic of your boat too. I wonder if you took that using the kite system.