Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Molokai pictures

 More pictures from Molokai (and Maui, still)...!

This picture (above) is the bridge where the highway crosses over the Seven Sacred Pools river, that is very famous...  Its a nice spot to go swim, but a long drive to get there.  

 Here is a mongoose picture, or the head of one.  Maybe Nagina or Nag got him this time...?  And then stuffed Rikki-Tikki-Tavi's little head...  Or maybe he is just so quick that light can't even capture him. 
I think I liked Mongooses more when I was reading about them in the Jungle Book than when I see them in real life.  I thought they would be bigger, but they are small and a little rat like.  And very hard to get a picture of.
 And finally, the cliffs on the north side of Molokai.  This is an expensive sight, since the only way to see it is by boat (and the charters are mucho dinero) or by helicopter. 
 It looks like the cliffs were cut straight through with God's trowel, and then left to the elements for a while.  The water makes these beautiful round canyons that have a narrow entrance and deep cliffs.  Abe says they have a "U" shape, but I don't think they've been touched by glaciers, ever. 

 Of course we swam with the dolphins.  Dolphins are the ambassadors for Cetacia and I was happy to meet one and talk about the interspecies relations.  Or wiggle and blow bubbles and slap the water about interspecies relations.  This is a spinner dolphin.
 There is a bamboo forest on Maui and Abe and I decided to crouch and hide amongst the dragons and tigers, so we had a high altitude treetop battle in the sticks.  It reminds me of when I was little and I would go up to a neighbors house who had bamboo, then climb a tree and jump into the bamboo with my arms spread wide.  I could catch enough and bend it over, and it would hold me up.  Then I would crawl along it. 

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