Monday, July 16, 2012


I'm alive and in Honolulu.  Its quite crowded, so I haven't been ashore much, and therefore haven't had much internet time.  But here it is.
On the trip over, I was accompanied by some Pilot Whales.  I didn't get any video of them, because when I heard them singing alongside I ran up on deck and left the camera down below.  I spent 10 minutes out on the bow with them leaping and playing in the bow wake (I was doing 10 knots on the waves and 6 average, so it was big wake) and they would come right up to the front to look at me.  They are black, and have very stubby heads, with no beak.  But they look like big dolphins other than that.  So when I finally went to get the camera they left and didn't come back.  I will hang out on this island for a little longer and then go on to Kauai.  These inter-island passages are nice and fun, windy but not too rough.
I also made a video from a while ago, the arrival in Hilo and to Maui.

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