Friday, August 3, 2012

Further adventures in Hanalei Bay

I am discovering that I like it very much here in Kauai.  There is a ultimate frisbee game not far from the boat, the water is the calmest I have seen in all of Hawaii so far (excepting the inside of a breakwater), and the backdrop is a fantastic waterfall-strewn mountain that is glossed with green. 
The people have been friendly as well.  Today I went out for a little trip to another anchoring spot, upwind a little ways to the northernmost point, near Kiluea.  Its called "secret beach" so I can't tell you the exact location, that is classified. 
The water was nice there, and after a little dip and paddle around I sailed back, and did the unthinkable.  I caught a fish!  This is the first fish I have captured in all the Hawaiian islands!  It was a bluefin trevally, but since it speaks in a hawaiian language it is Ulua.  A sexy little bugger it was.  But I didn't eat it, since it was small and I had one before long ago in Costa Rica, and they aren't the best tasting fish. 
Life goes on, on the water.  I have about a week and a half before I head north, so today was a little bit of a trial run to see how I can do going to weather, and I believe if the sea stays as calm as it was today it will be all just fine.  I'm nervous about the trip, but I expect that to get worse in a week, and I'll be sad to leave the islands. 

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