Monday, August 6, 2012

Hanalei Bay Video

This is not just Hanalei Bay, but a little of the Na Pali Coast as well.


Julia Copeland said...

This video is amazing! awesome song too! Its a good pick b/c it has a moving rhythm yet a whimsical sound which compliments the water theme. The F'd up part is the best. I also love right in the beginning when the motion video kicks in with the music. It seems that the shoreline is the in sync with the percussion. KEEP EM COMING!!! I can see your videos being in demand. I'm a fan of your art

Anonymous said...

Aloha. Haven't checked in on you in a while but it seems you've been busy and having fun! When did you get the swanky aerial cam? Nice touch. And while I haven't hit the big island yet, I have to agree that I do love Kauai and it's amazing waterfalls. I do have to know where you found ultimate though since we'll be staying on north shore next time around!
Dave (Bellingham Ultimate)