Saturday, March 26, 2011

With Abe and Katrina

I'm sorry that it has been a while since I last posted. I haven't been taking many pictures, and am still recovering from a nasty sickness. I got it from Danny, I think, about two weeks ago, and I am still fighting it off.
So Abe and Katrina came aboard in Manzanillo, and we have traveled north together about 200 miles now, with another 100 to go to Mazatlan. We've seen a lot of whales, and some dolphins and caught a few fish, but I haven't been feeling super well, so I didn't really get my camera out for much. But this is one shot from last night, at Jaltemba, where we anchored next to a little island. This morning I shot a triggerfish and we're going to eat it now.
So presently we are at Chacala, a great little town about 50 miles north of Puerto Vallerta (I think) and we will go to San Blas tomorrow. In San Blas, I hope to talk to the manager of the marina and see if I can get my boat stored there for a nice reasonable fare. San Blas is a nice town, without a large influence of US and Canadian tourism. It is mostly mexican tourists, I guess who go there. Same with Chacala. All the Canadians and US persons go to Puerto Vallerta.
I did some more surfing while I was at Punta Mita again, and it was really good to get on the board again, but it was small surf, so I don't have any spectacular pictures to show of myself trundling through a whale-sized barrel.

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