Friday, March 11, 2011

Nice day for a Tsunami

If you have seen on the news about the Japanese Earthquake, you will know that there was a Tsunami warning out for most of the pacific. It is still ongoing, I believe, for some places in central and south america. I found out about it this morning while trying to get internet, and (failing to learn much about it, since the connection was slow) promptly panicked.
Since I didn't know how much time I had before a towering wall of water was supposed to arrive, I assumed that I didn't have much time at all, and got my anchor up as quick as I could. Then another cruiser showed his head, and he told me the waves would arrive (if they arrived) At about 1:00, and I had plenty of time. So I took off and sat around on the pacified ocean for most of the day, avoiding the container ships that were all leaving the Port of Manzanillo for deeper water. I had never seen a Tsunami before, and I still have not seen one yet.
Anyways, I am alive, everything is ok on the boat, and as far as I know, there wasn't even a wave here at all.
So an exciting day for me. I'm almost feeling better. Not good, yet. Its like the first step on the stairway to heaven. The trouble is, I am in Hell right now, so I have a long way to go before I get better.


Matt said...

Here in the Santa Monica bay they were predicting 1-3 foot waves. North of Santa Barbara it was 5-7 foot waves.

mlloyd said...

I was wondering how you'd fare down there. I saw a picture of the 3 inch tsunami ripples in Nehalem Bay, and footage of interesting 30 min tide like action in Newport. But folks were swept out to sea in CA and I saw footage of a 4-5 foot wave messing with boats in the harbor at Santa Cruz. We are incredibly lucky in comparison to the amazing carnage in Japan!! I hope your ascent from hell goes smoothly (I'm currently studying for my WFR for Outward Bound so I am thinking of all the complications one could face down there, and glad to hear reports of your recovery). Love you bro =)

Kip Wylie said...

I hope your virus has passed by now. I've been watching for you back here in Melaque (since your plans are changing I thought you might return?).
Anyway, the tsunami here was exceedingly boring gracias a dios. Watched 2 or 3 little 3' "surges" on the beach and went home around 5PM, then at 6:15 we heard all the fisherman hollering and we went to take a look. There was a stronger surge, about 5-6' that picked up some Pangas and let them loose in the bay. Some of the seaside palapa restaurants got the first row of chairs wet. Still no biggy.
Praying for the poor souls in Japan.
Here's a video taken in La Manzanilla of the tsunami as it hit there:

Kip and Janine

mlloyd said...

I hope you're feeling better. Are you still in PV? I've got friends, Daniel and Jakob Laggner who are in Puerto Vallarta right now, having sailed down from San Fran recently! Here's their blog It would be funny if you met up with them. They are doing "expeditions" and their first one goes from PV to Manzanillo. I imagine you'll bump into them eventually, unless you leave soon.