Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Changing Directions

Danny arrived, we promptly set of for an adventure, and then he started feeling sick. I managed to hold out for a week against the virus, but now it has crept into my body and torn me apart from the inside. I haven't been sick in a long time, and I really don't like it. I feel impatient to do something, but unable to. Walking around the boat isn't easy, and its hot and cold all the time. Hopefully I will get over it before Abe comes along and catches it and then it spoils his trip too.
Danny and I have been sitting in Manzanillo for the last few days, and I'll stay here a few more, I think. In the mean time, I have been working on the boat a little bit (though probably not more until I feel better). I added a double bed to the starboard side, and a back porch. The bed is an elegant addition, I think. There used to be a table that sat down below (in the cabin) and was along the centerline of the boat and to starboard. I moved this table down to match with the bench seat that was on that side, and suddenly I have a nice double bed that I won't fall out of when the boat rocks. Now this may seem like a not-significant event, but it really is great, because I can now use that bed as my sea-berth, my normal underway berth, and as a guest bed (for Abe and Katrina), and then I could use the quarter berth (where I normally have been sleeping on this trip) as a storage space. And, I don't have to set it up every night and take it down in the morning. I lose the table, so I'll have to make a little mini bed-table. But I have these cushions that I don't know what to do with.
I also added a seat on the back of the boat, in the center. I used to sit on that spot before, but now its a real seat, so its better.
I can't post pictures right now because the internet is slow, but I will add them soon.
And I've decided to head north with my brother, then when I drop him off, continue north to Mazatlan or maybe into the Sea of Cortez, and put the boat up on the hard (set it in a yard sitting on the ground with stands holding it up), and leave it for the summer. That means not making it to Costa Rica, at least for a while. Then I'll come back to the USA for a little while and work on getting a visa for China, and fly to Beijing for the summer.
If anyone knows someone who will take care of my boat down here for the summer, I would be glad to work out a deal with them, rather than put it in a marina and pay for it. I need to be out of Mexico by April 17.

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Kip Wylie said...

Too bad about the illness. I wish you had stayed here because we know so many locals that could help you. Julia, who own Marisco Sinky in the mercado always brews up a nice pot of steamed local vegetables whenever any of us get sick. I brought some for Susana a few years ago in bed and it helped.
The Canadians are clearing out fast and the town is shrinking. But the festival de San Patricio has started up with it's nightly castillo (fireworks) insanity.
Oh... and another note. Thank You for the brainstorm help with my stupid rattling car noise. It was the rear hatch latch, and now it's blissfully silent.
We both hope that you find your way too Marie Claud (sp?) in China soon. It was a definite high point in our travels to have met you. Please swing into Melaque again on your sail north out of Manzanillo.
We will be here in our bungalow until about April 15 or 20.
Cristobal y Susana