Friday, June 25, 2010

Pain and suffering

On Tuesday I went ashore in Cabrillo Beach anchorage (which is in San Pedro) to go to the aquarium and then visit a used marine store, where I had previously gotten some nice things. In the morning I had gone to the dock to change out my forestay with a stronger one, so I sailed back out and then dropped the anchor and paddled back in.
But in a few hours the wind picked up a little bit, and unbenownst to me, my nomadic boat wouldn't stand for staying put. The aquarium was nice and then when I had finished my business at the marine store I got a call from some number I didn't recognize, and I picked up to hear that my boat was on the rocks. So I ran down and by the time I got to the dock, they had rescued Altair and brought her to the dock.
Nothing was wrong, as far as I could see, so I sailed over to Catalina to get a good look at the bottom (see above video) and found that I broke the trim tab rudder attachment at the bottom, and then scraped a lot of paint off the bottom. I just fixed the rudder, but since the bottom paint is scraped off, I'll have to wash off the things growing on it until I get to painting it again.
Hopefully it won't slow me down too much.


Anonymous said...

Poor Altair!!! :-(

Claire said...

Stinky Pinkies for you:

1) dehydrated clam meal
2) a soccer player who's gained some weight

Be safe!

Jed said...

Call me crazy but I've heard it said before that boats don't like rocks...

Glad it was found before there was significant damage.

Anonymous said...

The area you anchored in is commonly known as Hurricane Gulch by the locals. Unfortunately, you could not have known this being a traveler. In the afternoon, the wind picks up as it comes around the point. Glad your boat is ok.