Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Anacapa Island

So this isn't really just Anacapa island. This is the trip with Jeremy. We started at Santa Cruz, spent the night on the south side of the island, and then got up the next morning and went for a swim. I'll post some diving videos in the next post. Jeremy got a Calico Bass, and I took a shot at a fish, but missed. It was a nice little time in the water, but the fog started rolling in, so we went back to the boat. After Jeremy shot the fish, he didn't have a place to put it, so he stuffed it up his wetsuit, and it stayed put for a while, but soon he forgot it was there. Then it wiggled, and he nearly jumped out of his skin. In the back of your mind there are always sharks or danger when you're diving, and most especially when you're in cold water like this, so I can totally imagine an unexpected wiggle inside my wetsuit to be quite starting.
After a while, we got the anchors up and headed down to Anacapa island, where the fog finally went away and we thought about diving, but the water looked murky. Probably we should have dove again, because we didn't do any more for the rest of the trip. We spent the night (mostly sleepless again) on the south side of Anacapa Island, and then the next morning we sailed around the eastern end and finally went ashore.
Not that there was much to do ashore, because the island is about 100 ft of cliffs, with very little beach, and above the cliffs it is somewhat flat, but we couldn't get up the cliff very far.
There is a big arch rock at the eastern end, which is really cool, and I wanted to paddle a boat through it, but maybe I'll do that some other time. Also there's a lighthouse on the top, but we couldn't get to it to explore.
We never got going very fast during the trip, but I figured I'd try to make a fast-looking shot work. I was quite disappointed by the lack of wind. We eventually made it to Ventura Harbor on Monday night, and then found out that a night at guest moorage would be something like 40 bucks, so I managed to find a place to anchor out that is behind a breakwater but out of the basin. So hopefully I won't get a call from someone who asks if this boat on the rocks is mine...
Now I'm at Jeremy's place trying to get rested and ready to go back out there. Its my 29th Birthday as well today.
29, without a plan, wandering aimlessly around the salty waves.


Sabine said...

Happy birthday! ; )
("The Naturalist" from Santa Cruz)

Kava said...

mines the 17th! also 29.